About BIP

Launched in July 2013, Body Image Positive is a safe space where all bodies are celebrated by bringing people together over the topic of our bodies. It is a response to the messages that we’re sent through the media and our everyday interactions that suggest that our bodies are not OK, right now, just the way they are. BIP is a place to share ideas related to the positive discussion of our bodies, and a forum for critical thinking about the prevalent ideas surrounding body image. General awareness and education is promoted through our monthly newsletter, on-line discussion is encouraged through the BIP blog, and real, live community is built through the events we hold in Ottawa.

At its core, BIP believes that factors such as race, gender identity, ability and body size should not diminish how worthy of respect a body is. We not only condemn body shaming in all forms, but also encourage self-love as a powerful tool to create deeper and longer-term change in the dialogue surrounding our bodies.