Our safe space committee

If you ever feel unsafe in BIP’s spaces or feel you need personal support, please get in touch with one of our safe space committee members. They’re here to listen to your needs and work with the committee to constantly improve BIP’s safe space, and they are always happy to play a supporting role when you feel you just need a compassionate ear.

Committee members are described briefly below. We’ve listed areas they’re specialized in or identify with. Please choose whichever committee member you feel most comfortable contacting. We trust that you are in the best position to understand your own needs, and we’re here for you.

We will get back to you as soon as we can, but because we receive much more mail at some times than others, please allow up to 1 or 2 days for responses.


Specializes in: queer and feminist issues (especially in nerd culture and media); atheism
Pronouns: she/her
Contact: emily@bodyimagepositive.com


Specializes in: fat politics and body-shaming; feminist issues; lesbian and bisexual issues; non-binary gender presentation; classism
Pronouns: she/her


Specializes in: disability, queer, trans, and gender issues; mental and physical health
Pronouns: they/them
Contact: tock@bodyimagepositive.com


Specializes in: South Asian diasporic issues; immigrant issues; Muslim/atheism; non-monogamy; QWOC (queer women of colour) issues
Pronouns: she/her
Contact: uzma@bodyimagepositive.com