Our writing team

Lia, founder and fat-positive legend

Pronouns: she/her

Lia is a vegan feminist from Ottawa who has no patience for people who tell her that she’s not allowed to love her own body. She’s got a background in social justice issues (mention international trade and she’ll go on an endless tangent) and is particularly passionate about anti-oppression discussions that go beyond basic gender issues. In her free time, you can find Lia tending to her garden, crocheting adorable things and chatting with awesome people about gender issues in cafés around Ottawa.

To contact her: lia@bodyimagepositive.com

profileJay, poetic activist 

Pronouns: they/them

Jay–a.k.a. Rad Diva–is a queer, body- and sex-positive poetic activist who is very passionate about disability justice and enjoys messing with people’s pre-conceived notions of what it means to be a disabled person and is very passionate about intersecting all the things. They love what they do and meeting new folks and making friends through sharing experiences. They’re good at fitting their big walker in small spaces, laughing at themself and hugs!

To contact them: jamie@bodyimagepositive.com

manjotManjot, expert in killing with kindness

Pronouns: she/her

Based out of Toronto, Manjot [pronounced: mun-JOTE] is a fat, brown queer woman all at once and not in compartments. Spending the past four years between an undergrad in neuro and work with social justice, she’s constantly trying to bridge the two. Avid media consumer and over-analyzer, this is her first foray into blogging and building online community.

To contact her: manjot@bodyimagepositive.com

Tock, avenger of that red squiggly line in Word under “ableism”

Pronouns: they/them

Existing to make abled/cisgender/heterosexual/male people uncomfortable. Learning to keep themself and fellow white/middle-class/thin/Western people and organizations accountable. Engaging, with words, actions, and organizing, in solidarity-based and intersectional activism that leaves destroyed systems of oppression it its wake. Dreaming of a future with empathetic communities that embrace human diversity and allow all of us to thrive.

To contact them: tock@bodyimagepositive.com

14493_277532405702825_37521Remy, gay pride revolutionary

Pronouns: he/him

Remy makes it his business to work towards greater inclusion and a strong sense of community in LGBT circles, especially connected to men’s issues. Having led countless sessions with men’s groups where tough topics were tackled and having grown up as a gay man in a small town, he knows a thing or two about the things that gay men struggle with within and outside of the gay community, and he’s not afraid to call people out on them. Wicked smart to begin with, Remy’s academic background in literature also helps him analyze things 17 ways to Sunday, and we like that in a contributor. Remy is based out of Montréal.

To contact him: remy@bodyimagepositive.com