What we do

BIP aims to create a safe space that brings people together over issues related to our bodies and self-love. We try to create a platform for traditionally-marginalized voices to express themselves, and have three general goals:

  • To create an information resource for people wishing to learn more about positive body image, existing body image theory and the acceptance of diverse bodies
  • To create a place where users can actively engage in discussion about their bodies and gain exposure to other people’s stories and perspectives
  • To create real, live community that can support BIP users in their exploration of body image issues

To achieve these goals, BIP has created three main avenues by which users can participate in discussions on body image:

  • The BIP website, where diverse perspectives are provided as resources for learning (both by our blog writers and podcast interviewees, as well as through the resources page) and where open discussion on body image topics is encouraged
  • Social media, where users may contribute their favourite resources and post experiences that they feel are relevant to the discussion of body image
  • Offline events (most notably Body Talk, but also soon to include educational workshops and hopefully larger-scale events), where those interested in body image issues can meet other people and forge relationships with other self-loving individuals

We are always looking for new ways to improve and deepen the positive impact that BIP can have on people’s sense of self-love. If you have ideas, comments or questions about our initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.