BIP Podcast: Episode 2, featuring Jay

Well, you loved the podcast pilot, and so we’re here to deliver the second installment, complete with hilarity and seriously deep social commentary by our special guest, Jay. I apologize for the occasional shoddy audio problems; this is still a work in progress! Also, we recorded this when Jay was using a different name, so please forgive the misuse of Jay’s preferred name.

In this episode, Jay talks about bodily safety, ableism and demisexuality. One of the most hilarious people we’ve ever featured, they also make Lia laugh really hard (check out the blooper reel).

If there is demand for it, we will also post a transcript of the audio. Please let us know!

Check it out below, and be sure to leave a comment below this post, by e-mail, or on social media, letting us know what you thought of it, and where you’d like to see us take the next episode.


About Lia

Lia is a fat-positive social justice activist who's got a particular penchant for tough gender issues. She's a passionate vegan cook, dabbling crafter and avid gardener, and spends as much time as she can with good people in cafés, talking body and gender politics.

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