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If you’d like to contact a specific writer about their work, please see this page for individual contact information: our writing team.

If you need personal support or wish to discuss BIP’s safe space, please see our list of safe space committee members for individual contact information.

For all other questions, suggestions and comments, please contact us using the regional e-mail address ( or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

Not sure whether to contact us? Here are just a few reasons we’d love to hear from you:

  • You have something to share (personal stories, tumblr links, statistics, ideas for blog or discussion topics, etc.)
  • You have any kind of comment or suggestion about BIP’s articles, events or general usability
  • You found a broken link or need technical assistance
  • You have questions about BIP’s mission, content or staff
  • You’d like to ask how you can help with BIP’s work
  • You need to clarify information or make a suggestion regarding an event you wish to attend, or you have feedback on an event you already attended
  • You’re a body-positive rockstar who’s shared BIP with friends and want to let us know

This community is here for you. If you have something to say, we want to hear it.