This page is meant to link to a ton of information for people who may wish to jump further into body image philosophies and ideas, or who may just have a curiosity to see what else is out there. These are links to great resources where body-positivity and self-acceptance are encouraged, and resources that talk about some tough issues that affect body image (things like privilege and oppression, which could be anything from transphobia to racism to ableism).

Some of these resources may make you feel a little uncomfortable or shock you somewhat, but they are not here to make you feel bad about yourself; they are here so that if you wish to learn more, you can. Sometimes we do bad things to other people without realizing it. If we know about those bad things, we can make the world a slightly better place by adjusting the way we treat others.

Resources are classified by topic, as best possible, and also include a number of media (articles, videos, etc.).

Body shaming (general)

The Body Is Not An Apology (tumblr)
One of the most comprehensive and diverse blogs out there on body positivity.

To This Day – spoken word by Shane Koyczan (video)
Trigger warnings: references to self-harm, addiction and body-shaming.
On bullying, the hurt it can cause and finding self-worth.

The Photoshop Effect (video)
Trigger warnings: implied fat-shaming and general body-shaming.
On the routine process that photos in magazines undergo.

Pretty – spoken word by Katie Makkai (video)
Trigger warnings: references to body-shaming.
On the expectations we put on our children (and ourselves) to look a certain way.

Sex Object BS – YouTube piece by Laci Green (video)
Trigger warnings: references to body-shaming and sexual assault.
On what sexual objectification is and lots of awful things it leads to.


I’m not a “person with a disability”: I’m a disabled person (text)
Lisa Egan on disability and how the way we talk about it can erase identities.

That Crazy Crippled Chick (text)
A selection of posts from the perspective of a young disabled woman.

This Is Abled Privilege (tumblr)
A collection of posts on the privileges abled people enjoy, often without even realizing it.

Leaving Evidence (text)
Mia Mingus on disability, race, queerness and how those things intersect.

Fat politics

Dances with Fat blog (text)
A selection of posts about fat acceptance.

Body-shaming section from Nerdy Feminist (text)
A selection of articles on body-shaming with particular emphasis on fat-shaming.

Lindy West on internet trolls (video)
Trigger warnings: fat-shaming and references to depression.
On trying to understand where attacks come from and trying not to take them personally.

What’s wrong with fat-shaming? (text)
Trigger warnings: fat-shaming.
On the way that fat-shaming is justified in the mainstream and why that’s not OK.

Gender identity & presentation

Laverne Cox – True Transgender Stories (video)
Trigger warning: references to bullying and victim-blaming.
On the struggles she experienced as a young girl and her journey towards self-acceptance.

Angry Trans Girls United (tumblr)
A collection of posts on transgender issues from trans perspectives.


Moving the race conversation forward (video)
Jay Smooth goes over how race is usually discussed and the how it should be.

Reverse racism – comedy by Aamer Rahman (video)
On the history of colonialism and how racism just doesn’t apply the same way to white people.

Black Girl Dangerous blog (text)
A selection of articles from the perspectives of queer people of colour.

Slutwalk: A Stroll Through White Supremacy (text)
On ways that white feminism has failed women of colour.

This…is white privilege (text)
Documentation of ways in which white people often fail to check their privilege.

Stop Whitewashing (tumblr)
A collection of posts on the whitewashing that happens in entertainment.

It’s hard to see racism when you’re white (text)
A collection of resources for white people who want to learn more about racism.

Yo, is this racist? (text)
A collection of Q&A and a podcast from the perspective of a person of colour.