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BIP is reader- and participant-funded, and we don’t take donations from big corporations. This helps us make sure we can continue to publish what needs to be said without corporate agendas silencing our writers and users that–oftentimes–are already marginalized in traditional media.

If you have a few dollars to spare, we are always very grateful for your contribution. Donations go towards ensuring we compensate our writers equitably, organizing meetings and workshops, and making sure our website stays functional. Rest assured, we are experts at doing things on a tight budget, but a super small budget means we need to rely on unpaid internships–which excludes already too-often-marginalized voices–and keep this project on-line, rather than doing real, live work right here in Ottawa and creating important resources for our community.

Your donation can mean the difference between a workshop happening and a cancellation. It can mean the difference between bringing in a writer from a usually-silenced community and having a totally upper-middle class, white writing team. It can mean the difference between being able to keep this blog online and having to shut down completely. It can mean the difference between BIP staying only in Ottawa and branching out to other communities where there’s a gap in body image support for the locals. We know not all of our readers can afford to donate, but if you love BIP’s work and have some extra pennies to spare, please help us keep this work going. Every dollar counts.

Thank you for your support!