Body Talk Moderator (volunteer)

Deadline for applications is July 6, 2014.

Body Talk is our most popular off-line event, with people from all walks of life sharing their stories and experiences related to body image. It’s also an event that needs to allow for personal expression while maintaining as┬ásafe a space as possible. Every Body Talk event needs a moderator who knows the rules of the game and can make sure everyone plays by them. People who have experience facilitating discussions may be particularly well-suited to this position. The successful candidate will work under the following conditions:

  • Being available for the two-hour Body Talk event a minimum of one Thursday evening per month
  • Being able to be physically present in Ottawa (if not always, at least during pre-determined times for Body Talk events)
  • Executing the policies that BIP has set forth to protect Body Talk’s safe space, with the help of moderator guides and resources provided by the safe space committee
  • Being willing to address concerns of people in attendance at the Body Talk event, and being the final authority on event-related decisions during the event
  • Providing feedback to the safe space committee after events so that the safe space committee can ensure the policies are effective and modify them as needed
  • Bringing a few small supplies to the Body Talk events (a few sheets of paper, for instance)
  • Participating, where able and willing, in the discussion that takes place at the Body Talk event

While this is a volunteer position, the successful candidate is welcome to request non-monetary compensation, such as a letter of reference for successful execution of their position, or assistance with a project they’re working on. Whether or not these requests are fulfilled will be at the discretion of BIP’s admin. To apply for the position, please get in touch with us. We ask that you submit a brief summary (not more than about 200 words) of any past experience or skills you have that may make you a good candidate for this position.