Chapter Leader (volunteer)

Deadline for applications is August 1, 2014.

BIP is growing quickly and there is room for expanding to different municipalities. While Ottawa-Gatineau is the only region that is currently served by BIP off-line, we want to grow our network to include chapters in other parts of Canada and into the United States. While this is designed to be a volunteer position, Chapter Leaders may be supported financially where possible and applicable for startup costs. Extensive non-financial support will be offered to Chapter Leaders so that they feel they have the information resources necessary to start their local chapter.

Preference will be given to candidates who have already been active within the BIP community (on-line or off-line), and successful candidates must spend at least 75% of their time between September 1, 2014 and May 1, 2015 in the municipality where they plan to start a BIP chapter. (For instance, you may begin a chapter in the municipality where you attend university, even if you leave town to go home for the summer.)

The successful candidate will work under the following conditions:

  • Working closely with BIP Ottawa staff to ensure that the chapter is working in such a way that is consistent with the values, vision and policies of BIP
  • Holding local meetups (Body Talk, workshops and/or other events)
  • Building relationships with like-minded organizations locally to help promote your chapter and BIP as a whole
  • Serving as the primary contact between BIP Ottawa and the local chapter
  • Preparing basic progress reports (at intervals of no longer than one month) for submission to BIP Ottawa to ensure that the chapter’s activities are accountable to the broader organization
  • Communicating potential resource gaps and/or needs to the BIP Ottawa staff where applicable
  • Access to the broader BIP network to promote local events, share resources, meet virtually to discuss collaborations where necessary, and so on

To apply for the position, please get in touch with us. We ask that you submit a brief summary (not more than about 200 words) of why you feel you could successfully establish a local BIP chapter in your area, as well as an outline (not more than about 500 words) of how you envision the chapter developing and growing. Please also specify what–if any–specific resources you would anticipate needing above and beyond information resources.

While this is a volunteer position, the successful candidate is welcome to request non-monetary compensation, such as a letter of reference for successful establishment of the chapter, or assistance with a non-BIP-related project they’re working on. Whether or not these requests are fulfilled will be at the discretion of BIP’s admin. BIP-related project support will always be provided where possible, assuming it is in line with BIP’s values.

Preference will be given to candidates with socially- or economically-marginalized identities.