Grants & Funding Officer (paid)

Deadline for applications is July 6, 2014.

In order to ensure that BIP is sustainably-funded, longer-term partnerships and outreach to donors must be an ongoing thing. The Grants & Funding Officer will be compensated with an agreed amount for their work, as their commitment to securing BIP funding is a pillar of our success. Preference will be given to candidates located in or near Ottawa, as some aspects of the position will require face-to-face meetings.

This position is not considered permanent. Expected start date is July 14, 2014 and expected end date is September 26, 2014, with the possibility of extension if there is need and we have the resources available to extend this position.

The successful candidate will work under the following conditions:

  • Being able to commit to an average of 5 hours/week of work
  • Searching out and making contact with potential (non-corporate) sources of funding for BIP
  • Writing grant proposals and/or submitting applications for funding
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with personal donors
  • Working closely with BIP admin to develop strategies for sustainable funding sources
  • Preparing progress reports (at intervals of no longer than one month) on work carried out, financial activity and any other relevant updates related to the position
  • Communicating potential resource gaps and/or needs to the admin where applicable

To apply for the position, please get in touch with us. We ask that you submit a brief summary (not more than about 200 words) of why you feel you could successfully establish long-term funding relationships for BIP. Please also specify what your expectations are in terms of compensation (we will discuss this further if you are being considered for the position). The successful candidate is also welcome to request non-monetary compensation, such as a letter of reference for successful execution of their position, or assistance with a project they’re working on. Whether or not these requests are fulfilled will be at the discretion of BIP’s admin.

Preference will be given to candidates with socially- or economically-marginalized identities.