Proofreader (volunteer)

Deadline for applications is July 6, 2014.

BIP releases tremendous amounts of typewritten content, and it all needs to be of high quality, easy to understand and consistent enough with standard English that we’re effectively communicating our message. Proofreaders help with making sure that our documents in particular (our policy documents, upcoming Annual Report, press releases, etc.) are top-notch before they’re published.

The successful candidate will work under the following conditions:

  • Being able to commit to an average of 2 hours/week of work
  • Working closely with the Safe Space Committee, editors and other staff to ensure BIP has a high standard of language in its official documents
  • Must have access to word processing software and knowledge of how to use it to edit (commenting, revising, adding hyperlinks, etc.)
  • Playing an active part in ensuring that 100% of BIP’s content is in line with BIP’s vision, mission and values
  • Providing feedback to appropriate staff on ways that documents might be improved, as well as any ideas for documents that might enrich BIP’s presence
  • Participating, if desired and when possible, in discussions in BIP’s on-line and/or off-line spaces

To apply for the position, please get in touch with us. We ask that you submit a sample of your writing, as well as a brief summary (not more than about 200 words) of why you feel you could contribute to a high standard of document proofing. Although this is a volunteer position, the successful candidate is welcome to request non-monetary compensation, such as a letter of reference for successful execution of their position, or assistance with a project they’re working on. Whether or not these requests are fulfilled will be at the discretion of BIP’s admin.

Preference will be given to candidates with socially- or economically-marginalized identities.