My crip perspective on interdependence

I shall be a Super Crip for Halloween! It’ll actually give people a reason to stare to me…besides my kickass fashion sense, tattoos, piercings and colourful hair (I have an alternative hair colour to match my “alternative” lifestyle!). Yes, yes, I’m queer to the fullest but that’s for another blog post… Oh! And the walker…the walker pretty much gives my cripness away; therefore I shall win all the costume contests and eat all the Halloween candy so there’s none for you because I’m just that special!

I make jokes, but practicing interdependence is no laughing matter because the idea of it is invisible just like me and many other folks until we use public transportation to go to the grocery store to buy food that has been picked, poked and prodded by farmers and health inspectors. And think about interdependence like this: someone out there came up with the idea for the vibrator and someone else made the batteries for when “the mood strikes!” Not into toys? That’s okay; regardless I bet you all the stares my awesome friends and I get when out and about in public that you, fellow lovely radical reader, will never see interdependence in the same light! Again. Ever.


About Jay

Jay--a.k.a. Rad Diva--is a queer, body- and sex-positive poetic activist who is very passionate about disability justice and enjoys messing with peoples’ pre-conceived notions of what it means to be a disabled person and is very passionate about intersecting all the things. They love what they do and meeting new folks and making friends through sharing experiences. They're good at fitting their big walker in small spaces, laughing at themself and hugs!

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