Podcast pilot: on gaslighting & diversity

It’s here: a pilot of the BIP podcast, which (if successful) we will keep doing as long as we can find the resources and interesting content for it.

In this episode, I give some background on BIP, talk about some of my own experiences and share some interesting perspectives that I’ve had the privilege of sitting in on during our Body Talk sessions. I also call out gaslighting and a lack of diversity in the conversations we have about our experiences.

Reference links:
Talk by Jean Kilbourne
Lindy West on internet trolls
Gaslighting background info
Microaggression background info

Since this was just a trial, I haven’t done anything frilly; it’s literally just me talking. If we want to keep doing it, we can look into making it more fancy (including a little more structure, a longer-term plan for content, etc.). If there is demand for it, we will also post a transcript of the audio. Please let us know!

Check it out below, and be sure to leave a comment below this post, by e-mail, or on social media, letting us know what you thought of it, and whether or not this should be an ongoing thing.


About Lia

Lia is a fat-positive social justice activist who's got a particular penchant for tough gender issues. She's a passionate vegan cook, dabbling crafter and avid gardener, and spends as much time as she can with good people in cafés, talking body and gender politics.

2 comments on “Podcast pilot: on gaslighting & diversity

  1. So it took me an EMBARASSINGLY long time to actually give this a listen but omgomgomg it’s wonderful. Your voice is like pumpkin pie and whipping cream and this was delightful.

  2. You’ll be glad to know, then, that I’ve been in talks with someone to get an interview going for another podcast in the near future… Details to come! 🙂

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